[ Noscivent system ]

Noscivent is a powerful software&hardware system, which enables a flexible, easy and secure access control as well as an easy realtime evaluation of the visitor behaviour.
Besides Noscivent provides an innovative sales and marketing channel.
It enhances the entire event management workflow.

access control

The core feature of Noscivent is the flexible, easy and secure access management. As identification methods we offer RFID and 2D barcodes. This technologies can of course be used together, whereby 2D barcodes are suitable for inexpensive active scanning whereas RFID is recommended for passive scanning of a large influx of visitors. Our RFID reader devices scan tickets in a range of 3 meters instantly. We counsel our clients to ascertain an access management system which fits to the event. Noscivent ensures that guidelines like fire safety regulations and venue regulations are satisfied. It offers comprehensive ticket permissions.

statistics & evaluation

Noscivent is connected and realtime synchronized with your ticket shop. We implemented an integration of the Xing Events ticket shop, but are also able to connect our software to every other ticket shop, which offers an open API. Before the event Noscivent provides you statistics about the ticket sale, during the event live information about the present visitors and after the event an extensive evaluation of the visitor behaviour to improve your event management sustainably. Noscivent detects possible weak points of your event like for example too highly frequented doors and rooms or some items on the agenda which are very unpopular.

sales and marketing

The Noscivent system offers you the possibility to let your event partners and exhibitor companies scan the visitor tickets with an easy to use app which runs on every smartphone. Depending on your data policies Noscivent can ask the affected visitors for agreement of the data exchange via e-mail, make the scanned leads instantly available for the partners and automatically send the collected data with personal information like e-mail address of the visitors to the partners after the event. So the partners can use the data for a raffle and add the visitors to their e-mail list. Many well-known companies like Adobe, AMD, Disney and Pixar have already used this service.

[ Features ]

Noscivent offers many features.
Our development team is very flexible and able to implement your individual requirements.

2D barcode scan

user friendly and inexpensive, android and ios apps available for ticket scan

NFC & RFID scan

userfriendly scan of lots of visitors with our stationary scanners or smartphones

Control Center

web application, cross-platform, intuitive user interface

Xing Events

perfect integration of Xing Event's professional ticket shop

Cloud based

every part of the Noscivent system is connected with our cloud

Partner support

your event partners can easily scan visitors tickets and send them newsletters

Ticket permissions

setup time and location/room related permissions for variant ticket categories

Room/Building limit

satisfy fire safety regulations and venue regulations


Noscivent helps you to make your event even better

[ Noscivent in operation ]

scanned tickets

[ Media ]

Access control via smartphones using the Noscivent system